So before I got the trailer I asked the guy that was restoring it to install a lock on the inside, you know so somebody doesn’t walk right in in the middle of the night. That’s that little guy on top, it really wasn’t going to stop anyone from pulling the door open, I think I fixed the problem…

Also I’m a little proud of myself because this is about the first time I haven’t drilled 10 holes to get it right- 4 holes 4 bolts…now i just need to learn to count, I only got 3 nuts & one of the bolts is the wrong length…back to Home Depot.



4 thoughts on “TODAY I GOT LOCKED UP

    • 4 bolts + 4 self tapping screws on the bulkhead side. The bolts lining up were key, i now know why levels are on drills, very helpful to go straight through…

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