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In Dec of 2014 I decided to sell my house of 15years & pick up a vintage Airstream.  I found a guy in Covington that had one he was completing- house went under contract before Xmas & things seemed to be working out.  I made this decision because:

  1. I’d been in the same place in the Old 4th Ward for 15yrs
  2. Way too much condo and apartment construction in the area making it unbearable to get anywhere
  3. I had way too much stuff that I didn’t need & needed to cut it way back to the essentials
  4. It didn’t make sense for me to be paying almost $2300 on mortgage & utilities for me & my 3 cats, Bongo, Molly & Casper

Little did I know that 4 contracts would fall through until I finally sold on May 28th, 2015.  Not the new year start i expected…

Follow along.  Should be fun!IMG_20141126_164558462_HDR

pics are from 1/9/2015IMG_20150109_101854342_HDR IMG_20150109_101905056_HDR IMG_20150109_101947750_HDR IMG_20150109_101955194_HDR IMG_20150109_102004939_HDR IMG_20150109_102025657_HDR
That’s my Bro Pete on the left and Dan on the right.  Dan rehabs old vintage airstreams into mostly minimal floorplans- perfect for me.IMG_20150109_102032244_HDR IMG_20150109_102044273 IMG_20150109_102920823_HDR IMG_20150109_102925920_HDR IMG_20150109_102949807_HDR