“My New Life in 180 sq/ft, or How I learned to get rid of built up baggage, a crippling mortgage & utilities and find time to finally RELAX…without missing a thing!”

I’ve been told this little adventure would be a great offshoot web piece and one director i know said i should have documented every bit but i had no time, i needed to get functional- i can though reverse out an ongoing blog. what do you think? The name I can think of is at the top of the post- graphic design would be mid-century modern atomic10996764_10153425174071499_6610147501112297097_n



Here’s another Pete Ballard furniture design we built and finished installing today. it’s a stylish flip open bench with storage compartment and adjustable height coffee table/workstation/workbench/cat levitator. It features such technophile amenities as 12v dual USB charging station and 12v outlet for laptop refueling. It matches the rustic cedar theme throughout the estate.IMG_20150622_173145952_HDRIMG_20150622_173226979_HDRIMG_20150622_193859990_HDRIMG_20150622_173529108



THIRST MATE HACK: Introducing the THIRST MATE FELINE HYDRATION SYSTEM! Kittys don’t like to bend down to drink, it’s a Wiki fact! So use 1 THIRST MATE and 1 of our patent pending Multi-use connectors & Kitty (Casper modeling) can lap away at a comfortable level while keeping an eye out for would-be assassins (Molly & Bongo not pictured). Available now at: IMG_20150623_185155995_HDR IMG_20150623_185242878



IMG_20150619_140949449I have a wi-fi router that can reach as far as 2 miles for hotspots and access points for vital facebook communication…and downloading cat videos…

#1 + #2 = NATURES HEAD

You don’t understand the human importance of a commode until it’s 3am and you gotta go uno o dos…problem solved- Natures Head Composting Toilet, who wants the first batch of compost? Will be ready for non-edible plant consumption in about a month or so…in the meantime, i’ll keep pooping…and composting…fascinating.   You just have to empty the liquid container (#1) every 3-4 days in a suitable place like a toilet, & empty the base (#2) into a regular kitchen trash bag & find some plants that need compost.  (UPDATE) For me it took about 3mos before i needed to empty it & if you’re wondering, there’s no smell & easy cleanup with a wipe of TP with vinegar.

IMG_20150622_124626944_HDRNATURES HEAD Composting toilet with compact handle.

IMG_20150622_124636551Little dark, but the vent port to the outside.



A small Atwood clamshell cover for the NH vent. Got it on Amazon.IMG_20151123_090330256_HDR